Momentum: Artful Quantum Mechanics on Blackboards

We see a lot of math based artwork these days, from fractal like 3d structures to Pi in the sky; but what about the process of learning math as the source for art? Photographer Alejandro Guijarro has been traveling to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world and capturing the blackboards just as he found them. The images are beautiful in their orderly chaos; at once being symbols of complex minds at work, and simultaneously showing the erasure of those thoughts.


Called Momentum, Guijarro captures the images with his large-format camera, one with enough detail to later display the photographs in life-sized glory. Because he only captures the blackboards in the rooms, and nothing else, Guijarro’s images appear as if they are literally the boards lifted from their classrooms and displayed before us. However, because they no longer appear in their native environment, the abstract equations suddenly take on a far more artistic appearance. We can start to appreciate the curves, scribbles and carefully formulated thoughts for the colorful creativity that they are. You can see more from this London/Madrid based artist, a 2010 graduate of the Royal College of Art, at


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