Small Snippets of Wisdom From Literary Greats

Sometimes the very biggest nuggets of wisdom are contained in the very smallest amount of words. Great authors have known that and so does Evan Robertson. His new posters might be the best thing since that last novel you couldn’t put down: short quotes from literary greats like Edgar Allan Poe and Hunter S. Thompson; all printed beside Robertson’s brilliantly clean illustrative work. What draws him to these small snippets of text?

“Underlining something in your book is the original “interactive” media,” he says. “Think of it as a hyperlink that redirects to your own thoughts, and like a hyperlink, it can leave the rest of the story behind and open up a new window of ideas, insights, musings.”


Unlike so many prints you’ll see today, these aren’t motivational posters per se. Instead of relying on only the positive from these literary greats, Robertson extracts sparks of thought which – after meditating upon them – could lead to more sparks themselves. It’s just what he did in illustrating each piece, letting each sentence be a springboard for visual creativity. You’ll find more from this New York based fellow at his Etsy store Obvious State, where the 13 by 19 inch posters are available for $24 a piece.


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