The Photos Behind Norman Rockwell’s Iconic Paintings

In his 50 year career with The Saturday Evening Post, Norman Rockwell’s cover paintings became some of the most iconic images of everyday life in America. Today, prints of the romanticized paintings of a simpler time are popular wall decor in diners and grandparents’ homes and commonly referenced in movies and TV shows. It would be nearly impossible to find an American adult who has not been exposed to at least one of these famous works, therefore it’s quite exciting to find out that the characters in each painting were, in fact, real people. The Norman Rockwell Museum revealed them all when they featured a landmark exhibition of nearly 20,000 reference photographs that inspired his collections.


A natural when it came to narration, Rockwell thought out the stories behind each scene down to the smallest detail- from the perfect location to appropriate props to impeccably positioned models. Each of Rockwell’s scenarios were staged to the point that the reference photographs themselves are works of art. The archive was preserved by Ron Schick, a curator at the museum, who then created and authored the perfect gift for aficionados of the artist: Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera.

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