Partir: Two Characters Travel Beyond the Walls

In this charming French short film, Partir, two lovable characters take a journey on the walls of the city. They share romance, jump through the rain, swim through the ocean… and all animated on the highly textured walls of the warn city. Each frame was drawn with chalk on a different wall, lending the film a quick staccato beat of cracking paint, pipes, cables, and around-the-corner glimpses of street life.


The short was created by the talented Joanne Lurie, in a street-animation style reminiscent of the legendary film Muto by Blu. Here however, the figures are drawn at new locations for each image, lending the film a much different cadence, and perhaps a greater emphasis on the actions of the characters. We don’t want to spoil the story of these two lovable and mysterious creatures, so we’ll leave that up to the film. You can find out more about Lurie’s many films at If you’re curious about the quote following the film, it’s beautiful:

“Just now I heard the heartbeat of a tiny raindrop” – J.M. Kerwich


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