Mysterious Heads: New Work from Stefan Zsaitsits

If you’ve ever felt like your head was stuck in the clouds, the characters of Stefan Zsaitsits can surely relate. His enigmatic figures each tell an imaginative story through their mysteriously drawn heads. Some morph into mountain ranges, others turn into geometric cubes and some even disappear. The simple style of his pencil based illustrations, childlike in their playfulness, belies the deeper aspects of the works and the vast imagination embodied in each.


The Austrian born artist has been sketching out a sizable collection of these images over the last year… this being his fourth installment of figure based work. His head based images have been featured in his 2010-2011 german language book, Headsongs, as well as in, Der Hals der Sängerin, a recent book of four short stories by the austrian writer Barbara Frischmuth. You can find out more about Stefan Zsaitsits and his work at


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