Pi in the Sky

On September 12th, residents of the San Francisco Bay area witnessed the world’s largest temporary installation (150 miles long) 10,000 miles overhead as a team of skywriters wrote out the first 1,000 digits of pi. Each number in the 100 mile loop which started in San Jose and went as far North as Berkeley, was over a quarter mile in height. The installation was the work of California-based artist ISHKY, a graduate of UC Berkeley, who claims the project “explores the boundaries of scale, public space, impermanence, and the relationship between Earth and the physical universe.”


The stream of numbers could be seen by many mathematics and educational establishments, including Stanford, NASA Ames, Livermore Labs, UC Berkeley, San Francisco’s financial district, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Apple, among numerous others. Bay residents were able to track the planes on Facebook and viewers were encouraged to photograph their portion of the installation and post their shots to Instagram or Twitter, tagging #PiInTheSky. All of the images were later pieced together on a map of the loop. Many people also uploaded videos of their experience to YouTube. Funding for this project was made possible in part by donations from Kickstarter. Read more about the project, see the tagged pictures on the map, and find out about ISHKY’s next project here.

Via: LaughingSquid.com and John Archer

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