Break Dancers: Illustrating Motion

These brilliant break dancer illustrations will make any designer/illustrator want to bust a move. Created by French artist Florian Nicolle (aka Neo), each sketch like drawing carries with it the spirit of fast movements accurately performed. Seemingly to emphasize this effect, Neo has included Cartesian-like coordinate systems with swooping arrows and jotted notes about jump heights. It’s as if these were meant to show us how to perform these challenging moves.


Nicolle’s style is one which lends itself well to the fast moving world of dance. Preferring to use fast techniques like a Bic pen, large paintbrush, watercolor and Chinese ink; his works have a look which is both spontaneous, free and fun. No doubt this energy has lead to many of his excellent clients, including Puma, the Los Angeles Times, ESPN classic, NIKE and Warner Bros. You can see more closeups in this series at Behance or learn more about Neo at

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