Colorful and Surreal Scenes From Europe and Beyond

Like Van Gogh, Leonid Afremov is an artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils. His creations blast out on the canvas with colors while also offering a serene setting such as a person with an umbrella, a park bench or a couple walking.


Originally from Belarus, Afremov is a Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist whose travels have seen him live in Israel, Florida and currently in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Before the advancement of online sales and eBay, Afremov was a struggling artist.

During the early 1990s, Afremov mainly worked with watercolors and acrylics. He was painting what people were buying, with very little artistic freedom. In 1994, out of extreme desperation, his 16-year-old son Dmitry tried to sell Leonid’s paintings door to door around the neighborhood. This practice proved itself very effective, and Afremov suddenly started selling many pieces he painted and was also getting better money than from selling directly to galleries. Dmitry proved himself to be a good door-to-door salesman. Within a year, Leonid acquired enough funds to open his own gallery and frame shop in Ashdod. You can find more on Leonid Afremov here.


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