IRIS: Interactive, Expanding Dots Mimic Your Movements

The world has exploded with hacks of the Microsoft Kinect and its ability to track the body’s movements, but the majority of examples use a conventional screen. The aptly titled IRIS breaks this trend, using a very unique and beautiful matrix of clear LCD screens. Each monochromatic unit has the ability to display a phased, opening and closing, black “iris” of either solid or concentric circles. Linking this to the Kinect, you get a screen which can roughly emulate the shape of peoples bodies using a artful halftone like pattern.


Created by Korean collective HYBE, IRIS is also unique in that its screen uses the passage of ambient light for illumination, rather than a conventional screens emission of light. Thus the clear screen uses the rooms light and color as part of its visual aesthetic. The installation consists of 400 LCDs for a 20 x 20 pixel screen. See the video below for the screen in action, or check out Creative Applications for more images.

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