Genki Sudo Attempts to Unite Asia With Song & Dance

In the face of growing tensions between Japan and China/South Korea one man attempts to surmount the strained relations through song. Genki Sudo a MMA UFC fighter/ Buddhist/ Writer/ Actor/ Dancer/ Musician has utilized all of his talents to create a music video for the conflicting countries. “Permanent Revolution” features Sudo and his group World Order traveling to Asia to bring the message that “We are all one.” They travel in style with matching suits and choreographed dance moves perfectly synced with the catchy tune. Although most of the song is in Japanese, the message is pretty clear, with an ending that is up for interpretation.

Sudo believes:

The world won’t change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest.


After the earthquakes and tsunamis that devastated Japan in March of 2011, World Order reached over 4.2 million people with a music video called “Machine Civilization” in a similar style. Genki Sudo uses music to spread his wisdom throughout the world. What a beautiful twist- a man who could kick most people’s butts with his MMA fighting skills has devoted his life to peacefully uniting the world.

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