5 of the World’s Most Inaccessible Monasteries

Here are some far out places of faith which house followers of many different creeds. Whether it is Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism or Islam, these monasteries were built to be protected from the powers that be – ones that may not agree with their words and lifestyle. They were built on mountains, rocks or cliff sides, overlooking beautiful vistas where one could chant into infinity and be “away from the world.”


Over the years humans have chosen paths of life they feel is right for them. Some have felt that participating in a monastic life is a higher calling; one which typically brings about honor to the monk’s family. Certain monasteries offered seclusion (and food and water!) to those that would commit their life to the religion, focusing solely on serving and living their faith in that particular culture.

Religions still continue to fight each other, sometimes over economics involved in their area and sometimes over people’s hearts and minds. Battles and fighting in the past would encourage the devout to build hard to reach monasteries. In the event that mass destruction or a conquering took place, the remote buildings would protect sacred scripts and the culture of the faith. Below are photos from Bhutan, Burma, Greece, Turkey and China.

Monasteries of Meteora, Greece

Taung Kalat Monastery, Burma

Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Bhutan

Sumela Monastery, Altmdere Valley, Turkey

Hanging Monastery or Hanging Temple, Shanxi, China

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