Interactive Crystals React to Light and Sound

It seems the near future of technology will be all about how it interacts with the humans it serves. Cars which can drive you where you want to go without touching the wheel; computers which search the web without lifting a finger; and music and lighting which knows when to come on as you enter a room. Even artwork is harnessing these expanding technologies, providing interactive experiences for observers which go beyond the traditional museum fare.

Crystal is one such example: a series of hundreds of wireless LED rocks which interact with people. The galaxy of small lights functions as a “digital campfire,” one where people can share stories of light and create new ones.


Each of the small units contains LEDs which are wirelessly charged via the powermat they rest on. Visitors are encouraged to add, move or share Crystals, changing the basic ‘breathing’ which they automatically perform. The Crystals also react to light and sound, and thus the people who surround them or walk on top of them.

Created by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, the project was launched at the innovation festival PICNIC in the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. The artwork ultimately contained 700 of the LED Crystals. Prior to the event, visitors received a personal Crystal to bring to the premiere after sunset. For more see

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