Plastic Cups Become Fields of Snow

It’s not the first thing you think of when you see a package of plastic cups, but Tara Donavan has been making beautiful sculptures with the mass produced items… and they look a lot like fields of snow. By taking transparent plastic cups and stacking them at varying heights, then placing them side-by-side, she makes a rolling field of white. It looks almost soft enough to make a snow angel.


Donovan’s works use products like Scotch tape, styrofoam cups and drinking straws to create sculptural works with a biomorphic style. Because of their mostly brilliant white color, the shapes take on an inviting and clean feeling often resembling snow or soap bubbles. While the works have a very natural look to them, Donovan has this to say: “It is not like I’m trying to simulate nature. It’s more of a mimicking of the way of nature, the way things actually grow.” Thus by following the patterns found in the natural world, her works automatically embody the look and feel of it. Find more from this New York based artist at the ACE Gallery.

sweet-station, wikipedia

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