1902: First Color Films From the End of the Victorian Era

Neglected and forgotten for the last 110 years, the world’s first color film has recently been discovered and restored by the UK’s National Media Museum. Created in 1902, only a few short years after the invention of the motion picture itself and far before even color photography was common, the film and its discovery is an exciting new landmark in the history of film.

The films were created by Edward Raymond Turner from London, who patented his color process on March 22nd, 1899. His was never able to see his work in person however, as he died suddenly of a heart attack the same year these films were created.


In this film clip, Michael Harvey of the National Media Museum, and Bryony Dixon of the British Film Institute talk about the film, how it was created before color film was available, how it was restored, and what makes it so important. Watch it now for the first time ever.


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