Save the Date: Ink Stamp Pointillism

If you thought old school librarians were the only ones who know how to use an ink date stamp, think again. Italian artist Federico Pietrella has put a contemporary twist on classical painting by using only a date stamp to recreate photographs of simple objects.  According to the artist, “Time is a mysterious thing.  For me it’s the most important thing from which everything is derived- work, existence, life.”  Each picture takes Pietrella 1-2 months, which is evidenced when you look closely since he uses the current date each time he stamps.


Pietrella has been practicing this date stamp pointillism for the past 15 years and has made a comfortable living off of it with each piece selling for around 20,000 Euros.  He currently resides in Berlin, which he considers “the most interesting city in Europe particularly in regard to contemporary art.”   Although time is the overreaching theme in all of his works, he uses more than just date stamps to create abstract paintings, installations, and sculptures.  See these works and more date stamp pieces on his website.

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