Galactic Typography Galaxifies Your Message

Have you ever wished the universe would write a message in the sky to let you know what this is all about? Well that’s probably not going to happen without the aid of some psychedelics, but you CAN create your own messages out of galaxies with this fun generator by Galaxy Zoo! Using real images of galaxies that resemble letters in the alphabet collected from Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Galaxy Zoo astronomer Steven Bamford created a formula that will “Galaxify” user-generated messages or words!


The My Galaxies site has been used to generate more than 150,000 galactic messages in the last couple of days; over 3 per second at times. I have created a “galaxified” version for some of our site’s main writers to show you what to expect. The combination of galaxies changes each time you submit a message, so you can choose which looks best. So start thinking of what you’d like to “Galaxify” while you follow Galaxy Zoo on Facebook and Twitter!






Big Ben

Baby Skye

Via Lost At E Minor

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