A Body of Gorgeous Illustration

Here we bring you the work of one impressive and prolific artist. His work, featured in periodicals far and wide, spans a range of subjects not often seen from one artist – from architecture and animals, to sports and romance, his work is all done with a delicious signature illustration style. The artist we speak of is Richard Wilkinson, and his art, regardless of subject matter, has a look which speaks to the emotional sensibilities, often with a surreal quality which is hard to quickly put a finger on. Each of his images seems to tell a story, often a poignant one which crosses the boundary between reality and a vivid imagination.


Not surprising with the wide breadth of topics he covers, Wilkinson’s portfolio of work is grand in size and scope. Besides the praise he has received for his editorial, publishing, magazine and record cover work, he has also garnered a loyal fan-base – one which is so passionate about his style some have even gone as far as tattooing his work on their bodies! To see his full portfolio, of which this is just a small sample, head to richard-wilkinson.com or his Flickr. To keep abreast of what’s currently happening, follow him on Twitter or friend him up on Facebook.


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