Gloriously Detailed Hand Lettering with Pen and Pencil

With the hand of a classic sign artist and the detail of a watchmaker, Stockholm based artist Martin Schmetzer makes hand drawn lettering with an addictive quality. His works are created using just his hand, a pencil or a pen and a lot of practiced skill. Many of his works look like they’ve sprung out of the victorian age, perhaps off labels advertising a locally brewed beer… or perhaps some snake oil.


Schmetzer’s steady hand creates vintage typography with carefully planned flourishes, 3D elements and linear shading which add up to literal gems of drawings. There small scale only makes them more attractive, giving the viewer something to carefully inspect and wonder at the stages of their creation. We think it’s high time for a time-lapse video of their creation! For more of these detailed works or to see his digital and large scale pieces, head to Behance.


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