Visual Bits #270> Mural, Mural On The Wall

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Hendrick Beikirch Creates Mural 230ft In The Sky


Urban Beautification Program 2012, Ron Martin and Martin Worich

Corona and Mario paint the town in La Boca

Mural By Simon Hjermind Jensen, Theis Wendt, Anders Schmidt and Silas Inoue

Disturbing Yet Interesting Murals By James Kalinda

“The Weird Supper” New Mural In Saarbruecken, Germany

Taberna Moe’s Mexico Mural

The Beatles By Mr. Brainwash

Hanksy’s “Dan” Vans of Chicago

Lead Image: Pale Horse x Tes One: State Theatre Mural • Saint Petersburg, FL

For more art make an add request for the Facebook group Artsy!

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