Vietnam: Old Photos Become Windows Into the Past

Looking at old photographs, we often wonder just how much a place has changed. Vietnamese photographer Khánh Hmoong wondered that about his home country and found a window into the past using old photos. He’s now created a beautiful series of photographs which juxtapose the old images against a backdrop of the country as it appears today. What he reveals is a country both drastically changed, and yet surprisingly the same.

Hmoong’s images range in time from when horses and carriages were common, to the 1980s as Vietnam recovered from the Vietnam War. Perhaps his most fascinating examples are from that war, when areas which now appear peaceful were combat zones packed with tanks and protected by sandbags.


Hmoong’s precise ability to align the photographs with their present day counterpart is a technique much like that used by Ben Heine in his intriguing hand-drawn series Pencil Vs. Camera or more exactly like Taylor Jones’ nostalgia inducing Dear Photograph. To see more, check out Hmoong’s full series of images on his very active Flickr page; see his Tumblr; or see his personal website.


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