Car Logo Rip-Offs From China and Beyond

We’re all familiar with knock-off Nike shoes and Louis Vuitton handbags coming out of factories in China, India and beyond. Often, telling the real thing from the copy is a pretty difficult task without a side-by-side comparison… even down to the logo the original company pays massive advertising bills to burn into our minds. So that’s familiar, but what about on the large scale level of car companies?


These examples from China, the Philippines, India and even the UK, show car logos which have been slightly changed, and used on new (and often much different) vehicles. In this case, it’s easy to see the differences between the original and the copy. Unlike their ripped-off shoe counterparts, these aren’t intended to be exact copies… only to draw a comparison to the original company and ride on the wave of their massive success. It certainly makes you wonder when entire cars will be copied, just like handbags.

Above: On the left is BMW (from Bavaria). On the right is BYD (from China).
Below: On the left is Bentley (from Germany). On the right is Rich, made by Chery (from China).

On the left is Lamborghini (from Italy). On the right is Arash (from UK).

On the left is Toyota (from Japan). On the right is Jincheng, (from China).

On the left is Toyota (from Japan). On the right is Merry, a division of Geely (from China).

On the left is Infinity (from Japan). At center is Suzhou (from China). On the right is Huaxiang (from China).

On the left is Oldsmobile (from USA). On the right is Mahindra (from India).

On the left is Jeep (from USA). On the right is Geep (from The Philippines).


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