Kelli Anderson Talks on Design and Apple Pie

It’s not often you run across designers with as broad a reach as Kelli Anderson. This artist/designer and self-described “tinkerer” is always working out new ways of making images and experiences for her friends and clients… and simply to entertain her inquisitive mind.

You may have seen her work before, ranging from her majorly popular paper record player wedding invitation, to infographic work for Airbnb and Collaborative Fund. She clearly stands out as a designer unafraid to push the limits of her creativity as she draws, photographs, cuts, prints and codes.


Here she gives an excellent Creative Mornings hosted talk on her design philosophy. It’s an engaging, informative and humorous talk about, as she puts it, “design, physics and apple pie.”

For more about Kelli Anderon, check out her Ted Talk at Tedx Phoenix, her collaboration with Maria Popova to create the web attribution championing Curators Code (which we use here at Visual News), or see her inspiration packed personal website.


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