Print Polaroid Pictures From Your iPhone

If you love Polaroid pictures, then you will love the latest Kickstarter by The Impossible Project. Impossible bought the old Polaroid factory in Amsterdam, Holland and with the help of a talented team of designers created an instant photo lab that transforms your favorite iPhone pictures into analog instant photos. Instant film can be pretty expensive so it was always a bummer when a photo didn’t turn out well, but with this awesome new invention every picture you develop will be exactly what you wanted- the retro Polaroid feel with the perfectly cropped image of your choice.


If The Impossible Project reaches their $250,000 goal by October 8th, backers will receive their Impossible Instant Lab pre-orders as early as February 2013! If you pre-order through Kickstarter you can get yours at before they hit stores and save over $100. At the $2000 donation bracket, you will receive a round trip flight to meet and dine with the creators in Amsterdam! They are close to their goal, but need all the help they can get, so please spread the word and make The Impossible Project possible!

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