Alive: Illustrating the Essence of Animals

Some people talk about their spirit animals – the ones which speak to the deeper parts of them and the way they see the world – but in the case of Andreas Preis, he illustrates them. In his new series Alive, he’s created a set of ten animals, each with a word describing the power he sees the creature embodying: pandas protect, orcas converge, hedgehogs resist and cats behold. Each of the words lead us to further analyze the way we see these beautiful animals and the essences we see within them.


Stylistically, Preis’ work rides a fine line between cross hatching and the look of colorful stained glass. His images attain this look by being built out of tiles of color, surrounded by dark black lines, which are filled with cross hatching and a stylish selection of textures. Through these choices they gain a classic and hand crafted look which lends itself well to its earthy subject matter.

Preis has worked for such clients and agencies as Adidas, Atomic, Bruce Dunlop & Associates, CK One, DC Comics, DigitalArts, ESPN Classic, Highgrade Records, Landyachtz Longboards and Nike. You can find more of his work on Behance or his personal website.

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