Earth’s History in 2 Minutes


Let’s start with the fact that this was done by a 19 year old. Then we can add that he is in a beginners video production class. Then lets add that he was able to find all of these photos with quick and easy internet searches for photos. Now add to the whole picture that after he uploaded the video, in three months he received over 1 million views. It is a different world from when older generations used linear editing systems.

For those of you that do not know, non-linear editing is the standard of today. It is when you can jump to any part of a video, add just about any type of digital media, then hit export and voilà, you have a thought provoking video with a soundtrack. Before, the process involved a whole lot of fast forwarding or rewinding of video tapes, or in some cases, splicing together the actual filmstrip – but that is the story for another post.


Now, high school students like the one who made this video, have everything they need at their fingertips to produce media. In some cases, these young minds produce more than just a mindless YouTube video of their friends cracking their head open on a skateboard. This student made the video for “Cutaway Productions,” which is a production class at his high school. He says in the end of his video description, “I just did this video for fun and I spent many hours on it, so please don’t sue me.” Well, drivinman687, I sure hope the record labels and angry men up top don’t try to sue, but your video seems to lean toward the likelihood that man is capable of much more sinister things.

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