Subtly Subliminal: Clever Illustrations by Sachin Teng

Crossing the line between the analog and digital era, artist Sachin Teng makes illustrations which tease the mind with creativity and subtle commentary on the world we inhabit. His works carry a heavy influence of gaming and comic love, creating fantasies which jump handily between the worlds of fantasy and reality. These combined dualities of analog/digital – fantasy/reality lend themselves well to his art, which often conveys a surprising message hidden under its attractive surface. As he puts it, “art is the original subliminal message.”

Stylistically, Teng’s illustrations rework real-life objects, dissecting them into cubic shapes while digitizing their forms with symbolically pixilated elements. The effect is a world of scenes which are at once identifiable as the familiar analog world of the past, and simultaneously advancing into a calculated future… it’s nearly the world we find ourselves navigating today.


Teng lives and works in New York City, following his attendance to Pratt Institute for a BFA in Communication Design with a focus in Illustration. He notes that though he is an illustrator, he thinks more like a designer; something which is clearly evident from his well planned work which is always more than meets the eye. See his personal website for more.

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