From Below: Room Photographs From a Floors View

The unusual photographic work of German photographer Michael H. Rohde gives us a highly unique perspective of the indoor world… from the floor up. As if you’d laid down on the floor of a home and slowly sunk into the floor, his images capture rooms “From Below,” as the series is titled. His images are disorientating in their unusual viewpoint, making our eyes struggle to make sense of a rarely seen perspective.


His works are surreal in the sense that they remove any evidence of solid flooring, leaving objects which would normally rest on solid ground, to float suspended magically in the air. It’s as if he has replaced the floor with glass, giving us a voyeuristic view into the homes of others. His wide angle perspective gives us a look – at once – of all the walls within, leaving little out of our field of view. Perhaps because of this, the works, though devoid of any obviously sinister happenings, have an somewhat unnerving feel lent by the unusual and almost omnipresent nature of our view into the living spaces. See more of Rohde’s exacting work at

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