What Works in the Social Marketing Universe?

Whether you’re a business marketer, blogger, or artist looking to promote their work; learning how to utilize all the different tools and social media channels available will help you to survive in the vast, deep recesses of internet space. People who understand the importance of adding social elements to their marketing campaigns are the ones you constantly see popping up in your different social network feeds. By adding social elements, you’re not just helping customers encounter your content, but encouraging them to interact with your brand. This peer-to-peer word of mouth messaging is highly trusted and effective when it comes to amplifying the impact of a campaign.

One thing to know is that your blog is your lifeblood, and the success of it will determine the success of all other orbiting entities. Grooming a well-tended and established blog will become your bread and butter, and provide useful, interesting, and engaging content for all those who stumble across it.

The blog is your inbound marketing shuttle, and you need to send out great content and return to it with new, fresh ideas. When figuring out what type of content you want to have on your blog, you need to think about these three following questions: Who, How, and What. Who are you targeting on social media, how can you deploy social media tactics for measurable success, and what goals or objectives do you want to accomplish? If you really delve into these questions, you’ll figure out how to create the best content for your brand, and get better results.

Pay attention to the big players of the social networks in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Link them all together so you can share your work seamlessly on each. Make sure to stay active, targeted and relevant when publishing across social networks. These networks have endless power to promote blog content, engage followers by prompting them to action, keep followers up-to-date on news, establish yourself as an expert in your field, help to rank high on search engines, and also help create brand ambassadors.

Social news sites are a great way to earn traffic and customers through reaching a wider audience, and are a great place to promote viral blog content… but, time needs to be spent to know each community. StumbleUpon has the power of a red giant, and has the ability to generate non-stop energy around your brand with paid campaigns. Pinterest is hip and fashionable, and will add a great visual component to your brand. Reddit is considered by some to be the “front page of the Internet,” but doesn’t like self promotion. If you use Reddit incorrectly, you may get burned by a trolling supernova.

Lastly, make sure to track your social efforts by using share buttons and analytics. They are great at gauging the success of your social campaigns, so that you can easily figure out what types of content are working… or flaming out and being swallowed up by the darkest and deepest recesses of space.

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