Beautiful Art Drawn on Disposable Cups

We’ve all written our names on styrofoam cups before, and maybe even doodled a bit… but what about creating full-fledged art on the tiny cups? Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey takes the lightweight objects and illustrates exceptional scenes on their round surface, only revealing their full story as you turn the cup and see it from all angles.


Boey doesn’t limit himself to just one illustration style – his mostly black and white drawings, done with a permanent marker, range from cartoonish line drawings; to darkly shadowed scenes using bold blocks of ink; to delicately stippled portraits of characters from popular TV shows. Even with this range of style, each image is perfect in its execution and stands alone as a highly unique piece of art. His work almost makes flat paper seem boring.

Be sure to check out the video of Boey creating one of his cups below. Then, see more of his unique and prolific works on his personal website, or his extensive Flickr.


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