Celebrity Portraits Made of Keyboard Keys

In the modern world we are constantly upgrading to the latest technology, and thus constantly disposing of our old and outdated devices. Keyboards are no exception to this rule, and the digital waste created by the millions of keyboards thrown out each year is astounding. Here’s a clever way one artist is re-using a few of those old keyboards, putting there keys to a new and artistic use.


Removing the keys from old computer keyboards and typewriters, Australian artist WBK, creates mosaic portraits of celebrities – from famous musicians and actors, to world changing politicians. His works use the many varied shades of keyboards, including their accompanying letters, to make reference to the transition between the analog and digital world. Old keys reference the hand made writing of the past – stamped onto paper with ink – while the modern keyboards reference our transition into a largely digital – and subsequently paperless – society. You’ll find more of WBK’s excellent portraits on his DeviantArt page. Follow him on Facebook too.

Via: houhouhaha

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