Space Suits, Shot from a Parallel Dimension

Tom Colbie imagines a parallel world where astronauts live in harmony with people from the past: peaceful scenes beach combing with vintage cars; navigating the streets of New York City on the old trolly system; or arriving for work at Berlin’s old steam train station. In some of his pieces, the spacemen are lifted to great heights by the art masters of the past. Colbie re-imagines David’s The Death of Marat and de Vinci’s The Lady with an Ermine with his distinctly helmeted style. It’s a world where anything is possible, including trips to the moon.


Colbie’s artistic style is one which adds layer upon layer of grain to his doctored images, creating a level of surreal painterliness to his photographic sources. The space suits he sources in his work are vintage in themselves, ranging from the first silver suits used by the Mercury Program in the early 1960s, to the suits used for the Apollo moon landings in the early 70s. You can find more of his mind bending work at

Love Spacesuits? We ran across this excellent body of work over at The Fox is Black’s cool series Space Suit of the Week.


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