Street Stone: Hipster Statues Take Over the Louvre

The famous statues at the Louvre in Paris recently got a stylish, sartorial makeover… hip new threads to go with their relaxed, modelesque demeanors. French photographer Léo Caillard teamed up with digital mastermind Alexis Persani to digitally rework the marble figures, bringing them into the modern era with plaid shirts, skinny jeans, boat shoes and, of course, Ray-Bans!


It’s often easy to feel distanced from the art of the past, either by style which doesn’t match up to our own time, or in the case of these statues – complete nudity. What these two artists create is a bridge for these works to travel into the future. No longer are they simply reclining figures from the distant past, they now look to be figures from modern and hip cities of today. Because they are made relivant to our current styles, we can see the realism and humanity in each figure… and the incredible mastery of their original artists.

The reworked images are nothing short of realistic… making it look as if the statues really had clothes placed around their highly prized and protected forms. Parsani gives us a look behind his photoshop mastery and the work that went into each image in the making-of video below… he makes each step seem so simple, but behind each is the eye and hand of someone adept at recreating reality.

The Making of “Street Stone”


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