The Beautiful Sphinx Observatory in the Swiss Alps

It might only be the 14th highest observatory in the world, but the Sphinx observatory in Switzerland is possibly the most beautiful and unique. Located at Jungfraujoch on a treacherous peak at 11715 feet (3,571 meters), the classic structure is reached via the worlds highest railway, followed by a tunnel and then an elevator… it’s very remote, but still accessible year round thanks to the hard work of past adventurers.


After completion of the Jungfraujoch railway in 1912, scientists occupied the high, harsh location in temporary structures. Construction of the building began in 1937 where, because of its uniquely high location and its year-round accessibly, it is still used today to research meteorology, astronomy, glaciology, physiology, radiation and cosmic rays. The exterior decks and glass house are accessible by visitors eager to experience the history and beauty of the highly unique location… and a vertigo inducing 11,333 foot view to the valley floor below.

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