The Largest Apple Collection in Russia?

It could be the largest collection of Apple products outside of the USA. Located in Russia, an avid collector by the name of Andrei Antonov has been collecting Apple computers, devices and other miscellaneous paraphernalia for over 30 years. His collection is impressive, almost as much as his passion for anything Apple produces.

He has the Apple II from 1977, the first Macintosh, the Lisa, the first mouse and printer. He also has in his collection the first laptops Apple made, the Quadra, Newton and a variety of software programs the company produced over the years whether they were successful or failed products. All the hardware is in working order and Andrei simply asks not to touch the keyboards too hard as you peruse his collection. He encourages his visitors to enjoy the older models and play with them!

Apple has come a long way since the seventies and it’s incredible to look at their evolution.

Photos by Alexey Nasedkin.



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