Huge Magazine Sculptures Swallow Objects Whole

Like gigantic lava flows made of paper, David Mach’s installations pour out into their spaces, filling them with a colorful fluidity constructed with the precision of a master. The pieces were part of his work beginning in the mid-1980s, created using tons of discarded magazines and large found objects – from full-sized sofas, to airplanes and cars.


The pieces had a weight and scale which dwarfed most common sculpture, filling their spaces with such force they literally squeezed through doorways and surrounded support columns. The intensive planning that went into the works made sure they filled their spaces exactly as imagined, including bands of differently colored periodicals through their bulbous forms.

The work was a preview of Mach’s later work, which is still garnering massive amounts of attention today. He continues to defy the norms with his sculptural works, using such uncommon materials as matchsticks and coat hangers to create fascinatingly complex and precise objects. They must be seen to be believed:


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