Kids Build Map of Japan Made From 1.8 Million Legos

Before you write this project off as another example of the multitude of huge Lego projects around the web, consider the unique way this wildly vertical map of Japan was made. In celebration of the block-based building systems 50th year, the company’s Japanese subsidiary sponsored a nation wide building project which saw the participation of over 5000 kids in 6 different regions to create the piece.

The project, called “Build Up Japan,” encouraged the school children to create imaginary structures, building the Japan they wanted to see. The wildly vertical white buildings they imagined were then laid over the shape of the Japanese islands, building an intensely detailed landscape which almost resembles the dense future city predictions of days past. The project utilized an astounding 1.8 million Lego blocks, making it one of the larger projects we’ve run across… not bad for a collaborative project created by kids.


You can find out more about this project by watching the video at the bottom of this post, by checking out their Facebook page (which includes more images from the 6 building locations), or by going to their official Japanese website.


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