Cosplay Characters with a Playful Twist

When it comes to worshiping your favorite characters from books or film, few go so far or have so much fun as those in the world of cosplay. The costumes are often highly imaginative and even more often, completely accurate in portraying each tiny detail of the famous fictional characters. These portraits by photographer Kevin Knight capture the essence of cosplay well, but they also do much more.


Knight playfully re-imagines the fictional characters of his fun loving subjects, often putting them in situations which toy with the storied history of their characters. Thus, Batman hitches a lift with a humorous sign, Boba Fett becomes a real-life gangster and Darth Vader takes an AT-AT for a walk. Even his standard portraits of Cosplayers have a look unlike most, giving each a silly demeaner which highlights the playful atmosphere found at events featuring the costumed hobby. For more of Knight’s portraiture and his work in food, travel and music photography, see his site


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