Man-Eater Spices Up the Bus Ride

Inspired by the monotony of his daily commute on the tramway to art school, Daniel Disselkoen set out to make things a little more interesting. He created a clever game called “Maneater” that one lucky bus rider on each trip would get to play and recorded their experience. The object is to make the little alien creature “eat” as many heads of passersby as you can along your bus ride by moving so that their heads go right into his mouth. He edited the footage into this fun video for his graduation project “Remake Reality” at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands.


What a clever way to turn a trip that is normally mundane into a video game adventure! See more of the creative works of Daniel Disselkoen on his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Man-eater from Daniel Disselkøen on Vimeo.

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