We Love Friday! – Good Ol’ Fashioned Camping

In his book, Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need, Dave Barry referred to camping as “nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.” While it feels great to be one with nature, nothing feels better after a week of roughing it than a nice hot shower, comfy mattress, and a room free of ants and mosquitoes. These days camping sites can cost as much and be just as difficult to book as hotels, but the experience can not compare. The more rough it is, the more you’ll appreciate all of the comforts when you return. We searched Instagram for some camping pics that will make you want to pack up your tent and go. My favorite camping site is Havasu Falls in Arizona- a 10 mile hike down to the most beautiful clear blue springs in the US. What’s yours? Please comment below.


Thanks to all of the smartphone photographers who participated this week. If you like one of these pictures, be sure to click on the Instagrammer’s link and show them some love! Our theme for next week will be swimming pools so if you’d like to make a splash and be featured next week, capture a fun poolside scene, upload it to Instagram, and tag it #pool @visualnews. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!

Above: @VisaulNews
Below: @bulldogtheoscar

Below: @JessicaCzeck

Below: @gooberspace

Below: @erinfraser11

below: @taramasud

below: @skyealawna

below: @amandamoo

below: @oneflyyy_tenderoni

below: @mizacash

below: @laurenlemon

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below: @brulela

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