Cinemagraphed Monsters, Villains, Heroes & Victims

Halloween will be here before we know it and now we have more to look forward to than just stomach aches from indulging in too much candy. The Saline Project, a group consisting of brothers Adam Toht and Ben Toht, lead 3D artist/designer Jesse Roff and animator Liam Kirtley, will be releasing the remaining ten images of their thirteen part 3-D lenticular series of spooky GIFs called Monsters, Villains, Heroes And Victims. Abbreviated MHVF, the eerie GIFs were created using a technique called 3d lenticular imagery, which offers more dimensionality and depth than the traditional method.


Regarding MVHV, The Saline Project has said:

We photograph and do everything (costume, hair, makeup etc) in house at our studio. We cut up and dimensionalize the photograph in computer. We design the background using location photos we’ve taken over the years, and 3D models. Creating the space and getting the dimension right has been one of the most difficult parts.

MHVF is just the latest project of the Brookyln-based team who has also worked on music videos for The Roots, The Cure, Eminem, and Modest Mouse. Check out some of their earlier works below. The first is a test scene, which they shot in their studio, tracked, and rebuilt in 3D to give the viewer the feeling of exploring their imaginary natural setting. The second video is one of their first fully computer generated pieces that was designed for a long term project called Little Monsters. Check out the rest of the incredibly talented group’s works on their website and stay tuned for the release of the rest of the Monters, Villains, Heroes, & Victims GIFs in October 2012, which will be published in an art app too!

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