Warped Architecture Takes Over The World

Buildings all over the world are getting some very wild renovations… at least in the mind of photographer Victor Enrich. The Barcelona born artist has taken images of sky scrapers from the world’s cities and digitally reworked them with 3D rendering techniques. In doing so he creates strange architecture that pour out onto the street, bend horizontal, extrude their features in wild directions and even expand into trumpet like forms. The impossible buildings look like the imaginative mind of Frank Gehry run wild.


Enrich’s highly realistic renderings are thanks to over a decade of work in the field of professional 3D architectural visualization. Now he applies those hard earned talents toward warping the minds of his viewers, creating buildings which often make little sense in the real world. His works attempt to give us a new and different view of “reality,” challenging us to question the current norms and look at the world with new eyes.

Interested in seeing more of Enrich’s mind bending creations? You’ll find them at victorenrich.com.

The original image for the wild creation above.


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