Fish Heads: A Splash of Underwater Portraiture

Tim Tadder creates highly stylized action shots of sports, exploration and adventure… but these examples delve into something a little different but equally action packed: underwater portraiture. In his series Fish Heads, he captures his wet subjects just as their faces have broken the surface tension of a pool of water, giving them expressions ranging from the serene to the spastic. As their heads plunge below the surface bubbles stretch around their faces, creating strange patterns in the surface reflection above. Adding to their unique style, the photos have the unique shortened depth of field and muted colors associated with underwater photography.


Tadder, a Los Angeles based photographer, is mainly known for his award winning campaign work for top consumer brands like Adidas, Budweiser, Coke Zero, Craftsman, Gatorade, and many more. That’s quite a collection of work, and certainly worth a look. Check out more at his Behance page or on his personal website


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