Micromachina: Real Insects Become Miniature Machines

A world of gigantic mechanized insects comes to life before our eyes. Tiny scientists inspect gears within their robot-like beasts, fine tuning their components as they prepare them for work in some imaginary world. The tiny models are the work of artist Scott Bain, who creates each bizarre piece using actual insects like some entomologist with an obsession for the mechanical. The models are fascinating on their own… but they have a message far larger than their scale.

What happens when humans attempt to dominate and rule the world? In the mind of Bain the effect is one which takes even the smallest things – in this case insects – and mechanizes them for our own needs, destroying them as living things and any sustainable usefulness for the world as a whole. His explore his observation of humanity’s blatant disregard for nature, “where profit comes before life.” In a world set on genetic modification and the use of herbicides and pesticides, his insect based work is exceedingly appropriate as it attempts to ask us one very important question: will our disregard for the natural world ultimately be our undoing?


Bain has been working in the world of graphic design for 20 years, experimenting in various art forms throughout to continually “explore the deepest corners” of his mind. He says his main inspiration comes from a fascination with “dead stuff” and “dusty Victorian taxidermy,” which seems very fitting when you look at his dark and often macabre work. Interested in finding out more about this project or seeing others? Find them at micromachina.com.


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