The Not-So Distant Future

With Google’s Project Glass underway and expected to be released to the public as early as 2014, it’s fun to imagine where technology will take us. For their graduation project from Jerusalem’s Bezaleal Academy of Arts, Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo made a highly entertaining short film showcasing their predictions of what the future will hold. Once we can do everything that we do on our laptops on Google Glasses, the only logical next step would be to have them embedded into our eyes. The students highlight what augmented reality might look like, showing both the benefits and the potential vulnerabilities.


In Eran & Daniel’s hypothetical future, everything in life becomes a game, which isn’t so far from our Four-square check-in badges and competitive Run-Keeper scores. After seeing this eight minute preview of what life might be like in the next few decades, part of me wants to retreat to a cave in the wilderness and leave technology behind and another wants to be the first in line for Google Glasses. Where do you stand? Comment below.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

The Starry Night animation was by Petros Vrellis:

Starry Night (interactive animation) from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.

↬ VentureBeat

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