One Day, One Plate- What do Olympians Eat?

As we marvel at the physiques of the athletes in the 2012 Olympics, it is not uncommon to wonder what miracle foods they are using to fuel their lean bodies. UK based Photographer Michael Bodiam and his partner Sarah Parker developed a fun project to show a day on the plate of top athletes in various sports. Using dietician Dan Bernardot’s popular book, Advanced Sports Nutrition, the duo graphically displayed his suggested cutting-edge meal plans for optimal performance. According to Bernadot, “Many of these athletes have such enormous energy requirements and they’re so metabolically capable you could practically throw anything down the gullet and they’d be able to burn it!”


So there you have it: all the calories and nutrients a top-performing athlete would need in one day, yet some athletes are still taking home medals on non-traditional sports nutrition diets, which rely heavily on animals for protein and wheat for carbohydrates. Gluten-free Dana Vollmer just won the gold medal for the US in the Women’s 100-meter butterfly final, breaking the world record and vegetarian Lizzie Armistead took home the UK’s first medal of the Olympic games in the 87 mile cycling race. Bodiam & Parker’s images are not representative of all Olympians, rather the ones following Bernardot’s guidelines. For a full screen view of the images, check them out on the nowness.



Hammer Thrower:


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