Naughty Pin-Up Girl Drawing Gets Playfully Finished

When artist David Jablow found a vintage 60’s notepad called Do It Yourself Doodler, complete with what appeared to be the unfinished drawing of a nude woman on each page, he couldn’t help but dive in and complete each one with hilarious results. Like a fantastic Mad Libs for artists, the suggestively drawn woman, missing her breasts and butt, was obviously intended for more naughty vintage purposes… but Jablow had a better idea. He completed each page of the book with scenes straight out of the pulp fiction pages of the past, including bar room brawls, fist fighting sea divers and Hollywood starlets. He’s also done some which look more modern, creating one piece in a decidedly Japanese manga style; another with a sweet ninja theme.


How lucky to run across such an amazing treasure from the past and have the skills to complete it with style. Jablow uses an ink pen for most of the work, but doesn’t shy away from using a bit of whiteout here and there for full effect.

The best part of this story? You can now buy a bargain priced, $6.95 version of the book on Jablow’s site and start doodling away yourself. Find out more at


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