Mysterious Houses Take Flight

Architecture, by its very nature, is grounded. Not so the strange flying buildings of Paris based artist Laurent Chehere. His series Flying Houses sees the rectangular structures take off, leaving their terrestrial domain to soar in the clouded skies above. The photo-manipulated images serve to feed Chehere’s interest in architecture, lifting it off its normal realm and showing off its hidden beauty. His work cuts away all the normal clutter, removes the anonymity of a normal house so that we can appreciate it as an individual unit.


Chehere’s works also invite us to leave, to fly away. But, what are these restrictions holding us back? Power lines, held by something unseen, keep these houses from floating away completely… in some sense restricting them to a bit of reality, in another keeping them from their full floating glory. Perhaps the works are a challenge to us all, to look at the construction of our lives, look at what is holding us down, and then sever those binds so that we may completely fly.

Whatever the meaning, Chehere’s images are beautiful, inspiring and contain a number of surprises. Find out more about his personal and advertising work at


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