Beautiful and Bold: Colorful Portraits by Ariel Stater

If you’re looking for portraits which literally leap from the page with unique color and textural stylings, look no further than art student Ariel Stater. Everything she puts her pencil or paintbrush to simply exudes well thought out creation… yet she mostly works on the fly, creating her works as inspiration strikes. Her elements come together with sharp, collage-like borders, intermixed with perfectly placed textures and detailed painterly highlights. Her characters, despite their many dissimilar elements, peer out of the canvas with a depth of personality which is strikingly lifelike and personal.


Stater, is a 22 year old native of Georgia now living in North Carolina. For her recent work she mostly uses gouache and watercolor, sometimes with a touch of colored pencil. Always one to be improving her talents, she had this to say when asked to choose her favorite piece of art posted to DeviantArt:

“My newest piece. That’ll always be my answer; ‘My newest piece.’ A couple weeks after I finish a piece, I stop caring about it. The pride is gone and I’m already thinking about what I can do next that will be even better. Honestly I don’t care about old work at all – don’t dislike it, just don’t care.”

If you’re interested in seeing her new “favorite piece,” you’ll find that at her DeviantArt page.


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