The Race For Gold

The 2012 London Olympics are just 7 days away, and Olympians from around the world are gearing up for the competition. Athletes are completing their final warm-ups, settling into their new living quarters, and eagerly awaiting the massive crowds to fill all the different venues of the Olympic Park. Some of them have accomplished Olympic glory before, while others have spent their entire lives training for this once in a lifetime opportunity. While athletes in various events all have earning potential, there are certain events that garner the most lucrative pay-outs. 


Some of the biggest athletes in the world will be on display this summer in London: lightning fast runners, otherworldly swimmers, brilliant soccer players, smashing tennis stars, and dunking basketball pros. It is a time of great pride for Olympians as they represent their countries on the national stage, and some of them are making a killing from winnings and endorsements. Americans racing for gold in London will also receive a nice bonus for their winnings: Gold $25,000, Silver $15,000, and Bronze $10,000; with 24 of Forbes’ top 100 highest-paid athletes being Olympians. Find out how much these winners take home below.

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via: TurboTax

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