A Music Video Drawn by 100 High School Students

What happens when you get 100 young artists together to create a music video? In the case of this new video for Michael Andrews’ new single “Bubbles in Space, something sublimely nostalgic and incredibly fun. The snappy animated video was drawn by a selection of art students from San Diego’s High Tech High International’s class of 2013. Together they drew 3000+ individual frames, each in their own style while following a pre-planned form.

The resulting animation flickers with creativity, giving our eyes a taste of so many talents and styles at once that it is almost overwhelming. By pausing the video we see each individual frame, some more colorful or complete than others… but in motion the whole becomes a polished feast for the eyes. It’s just the kind of youthful exuberance older artists are trying to channel these days… but in this case they went straight to the source.


The single is part of Michael Andrews new full length album “Spilling a Rainbow” which comes out on Everloving Records August 2012. For a peak behind the scenes of what went into making the video, check out the clip at the bottom of this post. As director Josh Hassin puts it, “There was A LOT of drawing and A LOT of scanning…” You can find out more at elginpark.com.


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